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School of Cyril Mooney

Czech republic

Values are the foundation of our lifes impacting our decisions, achievement, relationships and our happiness. Yet a systematic and practical method of how to make it part of our schooling is largely missing.  In 2017 Dr. Mooney's curriculum for elementary and high school students was adapted to Czech language to create more space for discussion and action regarding values, feelings and attitudes in schools in an in depth, hands on and interactive way. Course intensives for teachers were offered to anyone working with children and young people and the community of Value Education Teachers begun rise within the first 20 schools joining the program.

School of Cyril Mooney is a non-profit organisation established in 2015. The organisation was founded with the goal to create a community of teachers using the method, expanding on it and to support real education for life.




Our mission is to share the experience, tools and vision of sister Cyril's value education  to all who wish to systematically work with children and young peope; to support and inspire teachers and their communities and promote education based on inner integrity, empathy and collaboration.

We Are The World curriculum by Dr. Mooney (10 books for children and young people age 6-16) was adapted to Czech language and environment. The books are available to anyone who receives 20 hours of training (2 days course and a supervision) on the method and curriculum.

Open courses are offered regularly or can be ordered for anyone working with groups of children. Currently the courses are offered regularly in the Czech republic. Minimum number of participants is 15. (Accredited by The Ministry of Educcation CR.)

Pedagogical faculties involved in teaching VE to students of pedagogy for the past three years are Masaryk University in Brno and University Palackého in Olomouc.

Schools interested in launching the program receive individual support according to their needs and our capacities. We offer one year package of support from vision to sustainability planning.

Community of Value Education teachers has been initiated to share good practice, network, solve problems and advance the method based on teachers everyday experience.

What we do

This work would not be possible without the great effort of many volutneers, collaborators and ambassadors: Klára Laurenčíková, Bob Kartous, Zdeňek Slejška, Yechiel Bar-Chaim, Lucie Plešková, Radim Šíp, Teresa Tipton,  Jason Lucero, Štěpánka Bumbálková, Romana Bartůňková, and many, many others. Special thanks to co-creators of the Sit Beside Me film, Audun Nedrelid and Jenne Magno. 

Sponsoring organisations: Bader Philanthropies, Nadace Karla Janečka, Nadace Blíž k sobě, Open Society Fund, Olomouc University, Eduin and others.


Linda Jandejsková

Founder, Director, and Sit Beside Me film Co-director, Co-producer and Editor


Ludmila Trochtová

Lecturer, Editor, Researcher


Michaela Stoilova

Partner, Lecturer, Editor, Methodology specialist


Táňa Zimmermannová



Dana Hádková

Partner, Lecturer, Editor, Methodology specialist


Jana Tlustá

Accountant, Advisor


Martina Nová

Production Manager

Partners and donnors

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