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Cyril Mooney Values Education

A unique educational approach for any teacher, school or educational groups.


Helps children and adults to:

understand their values and attitudes

 create healthy relationship with themselves and others

build trust, collaborate instead of compete 

use their potential, communicate, be empathic, think critically

become a catalyst for change


The We Are The World is a curriculum created by Dr. Cyril Mooney based on 35 years of her experience as principal of the Loreto Sealdah Day School in Calcutta, India. Her vision and work changed lives of thousands in her community and inspired many around the world by making a true revolution in what education really means. Watch the film trailer.



“Go out and look around, decide what needs to change,

make a plan and then do it!” - SM Cyril

About us

School of Cyril Mooney (SCM) is a non-profit organisation established in 2015 in the Czech Republic inspired by the vision and work of Sister Cyril. Our goal is to create a community of Values Education (VE) teachers who use, share and expand on the method.

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Values Education for

1. Teachers

Receive training and learn how to use the method in any subject or with the curriculum.

Organise a course in your own school or location.

Join VE teachers' community.

Ask for a showcase lesson in your school or organisation.

2. Schools

Receive support in launching

the VE curriculum from vision to sustainibility planning.

Network with other schools.

Ask for a showcase lesson with your class.

3. Universities

Receive training and pass it on!

Receive support to launch the program at your Department.

Visit a showcase class.

Invite your students to see a lesson in a partnering school.

note: Today we must limit our work to Czech republic. We hope to expand to other countries in future if there is  an interest. We will be happy to share our experience with you however.

S.M. Cyril Mooney

At 20 years old Cyril Mooney left her native Ireland for India, where for the last 56 years she and her students have developed life saving and society changing programs that have effected tens of thousands in West Bengal. 

Her stunningly effective community-based education does away with competition, celebrates diversity, puts service to others at the heart of the curriculum, turns illiterate street children into scholars in one year, and turns regular schools into effective centers for community development.

She is an Ashoka fellow, holder of the NOMA Award for Spreading Literacy (UNESCO), and has been awarded the Government of India’s fourth-highest civilian honor. She is an internationally recognized educational innovator whose approach is said to have universal application, and helps to address some of the primary issues in education around the world today. 

If you haven't learned honesty in my school,

then I have no place here. - SM Cyril

Sit Beside Me (Tvé místo vedle mě, 52 min) is a documentary film about S.M. Cyril and her work at Loreto Sealdah school. (English, Spanish or Czech subtitles available.)

Sit Beside Me

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“I consider Value Education lessons very meaningful. They opened the space for children to speak out about their feelings, problems and situations they experience, and that they usually don't get the opportunity to talk about. ”

 - Karla Bartusková, 

Teacher at ZŠ Londýnská - 

“Our school was participating in VE training. We had the time to think about ourselves, our pupils and what really matters. Many teachers reflected later in the year about the impact the course had on their professional and personal life. ”

 - Ivana Melichárková,

Principal at

ZŠ  Horácké náměstí - 

“I believe that to focus on values and attitudes, to care about school climate and relationships among all in the school community is essential for healthy and harmonious upbringing of children in  our schools.”

 - Mgr. Marie Gottfriedová
Principal at ZŠ Trmice 

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